Declutter in Style


Since I started my own business from home, I have learned a ton about myself! One of the things I discovered is how much I can't stand clutter. It overwhelms me, makes me wonder.. how did I get so much "stuff"!? Not to mention my one year old who is EVERYWHERE! He can be a little tornado (a tornado that I love very much, I might add..)

So, during my free time, I have been brainstorming how to de-clutter my house. I like to tackle little bits at a time, and I try not to make a huge project out of it. The other day, my husband was sick and woke up in the middle of the night to get some medicine. All I could hear was him digging past all my junk to find what he needed. Nobody wants that in the middle of the night, especially if you're sick!

The next day, I packed up my car and went straight to Marshall's. The one stop shop to spend way too much money (and Target, of course). The Marshall's in Detroit is my favorite! Such a friendly staff, and never looks super picked through, they keep the store really clean - which is good cause remember, I hate clutter haha. 

I landed in the basket aisle - they have the best baskets and they're always WAY cheaper than the Container Store and Target (they even carry some of the same baskets as Target!) I wanted a few different sizes and styles of baskets to house a variety of assortments - cleaning supplies, rags, lady products, cosmetics, extra toothbrushes, baby hygiene stuff, etc. And even though it's a storage closet, it has to look good, right?! I went with several milk crates and a few woven baskets. They compliment my white towels so beautifully!

This project literally took less than an hour. My first step was to remove everything from the closet. Next step - PURGE! If I haven't used it in a year, I won't miss it if it's gone. I threw away a whole garbage bag of almost empty shampoo bottles and old make up. 

Then, I placed all the baskets in my living room to sort through everything and find a good home for them. Best part about using baskets is I don't really care how organized they are inside the basket, as long as I know they're all separated in the right category and I know where to find them. All that was left was to place them back on the shelves - so simple!! 

I feel so much more at peace, now that my closet is organized. And it's pretty! 

I hope this inspires you :)

Happy organizing!!